Heads being shaved at concentration camps

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Why I chose this: Jewish people were severely beaten. The Germans wanted everything to run smoothly and without panicking prisoners holding up the pace. Human hair in display case at Auschwitz Photo Credit: So they get the Zyklon- B off the hair, though the immediate effects on hair may remain Comment by bob milton — December 1, 4:

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It had nothing to do with the removal of lice.

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You could have read a tremendous amount about the Holocaust and have tremendous sympathy for its victims, but the haircuts somehow stuck in your mind and you hoped to finally have it answered. Only Jews, however, were singled out for complete annihilation. You are commenting using your Facebook account. OP in that thread was very explicit that his interest wasn't the effects of starvation on humans but merely the physological process and statistics because they'd read about a theory of human hibernation once. Cloth made from human hair at Auschwitz.

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heads being shaved at concentration camps
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heads being shaved at concentration camps
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